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The first part of his article was about Gwadar and its importance. Understand that by 2045, Gwadar will be the largest port in the world with more than 100 berths (platforms) and the largest cargo or military ship can dock at this port. Cargo weighing 400 million tons per year will be handled efficiently.

 Compare this with the fact that Dubai's Jabal Ali port is currently the ninth largest port in the world, in terms of cargo handling, that is, 15 million tons of annual port passes through the port, whether in the form of containers or goods. There are 35 platforms in the form of a port. The world's ninth largest port, Jabal Ali, is located at a distance of about 8,850 km from Gwadar.


They are afraid of the future of Gwadar. Trade competition is so fierce that those who hinder Gwadar's development include the heads or governments of all the surrounding ports. As I wrote in the first installment of this article, CPEC is a modern model of the ancient Silk Road, which will also include the highly developed port of Gwadar.

Passing through, the last bard of Pakistan reaches Sust. The village of Soost is located in Nagar district of Hunza state. Just as the Indian border begins after the Wagah border, so does the Chinese border town of Tashgargan. Sloth is the world's highest dry port, with nearly ً 8 billion worth of commercial goods passing through both sides of the border.


The Khanjarab Valley road from Gilgit to Soost is being widened and developed. The Karakoram Highway is being connected to Gwadar by two routes. Eastern Route which will join Karachi-Gwadar Highway via Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Hyderabad. The western route of this highway will join Gwadar via Dera Ismail Khan, Zhob, Qila Saifullah, Kuchlak, Quetta, Mustang, Kalat, Sariab and Turbat.


The plan to lay a railway line on the same highway was mooted in 2009 and was approved in 2015. In the first phase, the railway line will be laid at a distance of 850 km from Havelian to the border of China and Pakistan. The part beyond the Pakistani border is 450 km which goes to Kashgar. Just as the creation of Pakistan was the first achievement and a gift to the people of the region, so the completed CPEC project is the second gift to the people of Pakistan.

The project will create at least 70,000 new jobs. Services such as bus stops, workshops, overnight hotels, hospitals and entertainment venues will be built around these highways. Similarly, there will be rest rooms at railway stations where food will also be provided. Small towns will settle in the vicinity of these highways and railway lines. One of CPEC's projects is uninterrupted power supply, so new cities will be brighter and equipped with modern amenities. We will have schools and colleges for future generations, and the promotion of education will also remove the rust of prejudice that has plagued our minds for centuries.


The foundation of the CPEC project was consciously laid in 1954 when Muhammad Ali Bogra, a resident of East Pakistan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, intended to buy the barren peninsula of Gwadar, which four years later became a civilian Prime Minister Feroz Khan Noon. Completed it by paying 3 million to the Muscat government in 1958, and then a civilian woman, Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, not only visited it for the first time in 1993, but decided to develop Gwadar as an alternative port to Karachi and Port Qasim. To be given We cannot forget General Pervez Musharraf who started the first phase of CPEC project in 2002 during his tenure with national resources and completed it in 2006 at a cost of 29 290 million. All these people are benefactors of Pakistan because today's media Did not even try to know the past of CPEC. Our media, especially visual media, is only interested in holding discussions.

They rarely like to talk about "dry" issues like national development because it is a question of rating. For example, about the western part of CPEC. We have to see who is angry with the road network between China and Pakistan but is against us. Some countries are our enemies in public and some countries which are apparently our friends are also working against our interests internally. Are This is a critical time. Let CPEC be apolitical. Don't make it as controversial as Kala Bagh Dam. Representatives of the enemy are also our own citizens who, for one reason or another, keep trying to thwart this plan. The enemies of Pakistan will never tolerate that our country is a prosperous country and our people do not have to work in the Arab countries at the cost of their dignity. We must not forget that we no longer have a monopoly on China's friendship.

Forty years ago today, China's relations with various countries were bilateral. But now that China knows that any of its political or economic moves can shake the world, China's relations are now based on multi-lateralism. Although China desperately needs us, if our ignorant politicians make CPEC controversial, China can give CEAF status to Afghanistan without a minute's delay. This is the wish of our internal and external opponents that the people of Pakistan be disturbed by the lack of basic amenities. In the same way, in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Muscat, keep working as slaves of the Arabs, work as laborers and be in the circle of dal roti at all times. Pakistan's nuclear program catches the eye of enemies. They always want to see us as a debtor and troubled nation.


Benefits of CPEC

China and Pakistan are bound to benefit from CPEC, but other countries will also benefit indirectly from this highway, as Chinese goods will be sold to the Middle East and Africa when they cover a distance of 3,000 km from Karakoram and Gwadar. If so, it will be even cheaper, as Chinese merchant ships currently travel 15,000 kilometers by sea to reach Africa and the Middle East. The port of Gwadar will be able to handle 15-12 ships at a time.

This is also a big deal. Nearby ports cannot handle more than 4-3 cargoes at a time, forcing ships to wait their turn on the high seas for weeks. As a result, the non-production costs of these ships continue to rise until they dock at the port and start unloading their cargo. It is a polite and humble request to our politicians to let the CPEC project run for their own selfish interests. Help the current government because the survival of this government is also linked to the success of CPEC. Our defense forces are also working hard for the success of CPEC. CPEC is a project for which, according to our TV anchors, the civilian government and the Pakistan Army are on the same page.

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