Information technology definition meaning and Importance

Information technology definition and meaning

Information technology (IT) refers to a unique technical field that uses programming such as information processing and applications based on computer systems, and is synonymous with information and communication technology (ICT). With the increase in computer processing speed and the spread of the Internet, its application fields are widespread and deeply permeated in the general society and industry. Many of the industrial products in recent years realize their functions by software, and in the future, AI technology will be incorporated and their presence will increase.

Information technology is a general term for information processing-related technologies such as computers and networks. It is also common to take the acronym of English and call it information technology  IT.

Information technology definition meaning and Importance

The term information processing has been used in Pakistan since the beginning of the use of computers. In the latter half of the 1990s, many cases began to appear in the United States that used computer and communication-related technologies to significantly break the conventional business concept.

These were not just computer-based information, but the business model itself had a great impact and impact. Especially around 2000, the Internet became widespread, and people's perceptions and the structure of the industry as a whole were changing. For this reason, it was also called the IT revolution, following the Industrial Revolution.

A prominent example of information technology is electronic commerce (e-commerce). In e-commerce, a group of servers that operate 24 hours a day, a personal computer owned by a user, a high-speed communication line, the Internet built on it, various information provided and exchanged on it, and so on. Communication technology is realized on the basis of intricately intertwined technology.


The expression ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is becoming more common as a term synonymous with information technology, that is, IT. ICT is translated as "information and communication technology," but compared to IT, it is often considered and used in a form in which computer technology and communication technology are more integrated.

Information technology is becoming more and more important as an infrastructure for social life, and it will eventually become something that cannot be ignored in today's society, such as computers, the Internet, mobile phones, or the upcoming ubiquitous society. In the  education system, it is a high school subject, and each subject of "Information A", "Information B", and "Information C" is set in the high school curriculum guidelines.


importance of information technology


The Importance of Information Technology in Today's Development under the New Situation

1.1 Economic globalization

·         The development of economic globalization has All industries have a great influence, and the development of economic globalization.

·         Trends not only promote economic development, but also promote. The communication and exchange of ideas and cultures in the world.

·         For today Generally speaking, the influx of Western cultural thoughts has Education poses a very big challenge. Economic globalization has caused

·         The diversification of ideas, and the rapid development of science and technology is also the spread of thought provides more and more sources and channels, and the big.

·         Students are in the process of shaping their outlook on life and the world.

·         During the key period, and college students have easy access to foreign cultures and ideas.

·         Because of the characteristics of cognition and acceptance, so the ideological and political. Governance education and the establishment of outlook on life and values have become Today’s important research topics have been widely accepted by all sectors of society attention.

Information technology definition meaning and Importance

1.2 The knowledge age

The current society is in a period of knowledge explosion, new and old knowledge

The renewal of knowledge is more and more frequent, and its frequency is even higher than that of any

What a historical period. At the same time, the current technological development

The cultivation of talents is an international competition for comprehensive national strength.

Therefore, we must adapt to the requirements of the knowledge age, Only in this way can our country be more competitive in international competition. And Nowadays, colleges and universities are responsible for training and transporting outstanding people for the society.

Therefore, universities must adapt to the knowledge age Demand, improve their own teaching quality and efficiency, and ensure

The level of students’ personal knowledge adapts to the requirements of the society, and thus Contribute to the progress and development of society.


2 The importance of information technology in current development under the new situation Essentiality

2.1 The application of information technology can promote the thinking of today's college students

Political education development

College students are the backbone of social development, The future development has a decisive role. Therefore, we must It is necessary to strengthen the ideological and political education of college students so that they can Establish a correct outlook on life, world outlook, values and employment not only for individual college students but even for the whole society.

The development of the company is of great significance. In the traditional ideological and political education work, mainly honestly speaking, the way students listen, but the teaching mode The singularity and dullness lead to the passive type of students, making them.

It is difficult to take the initiative to cultivate their own ideological and political literacy. But the letter the advent of information technology has provided the education of today’s college student.

A good opportunity to strengthen the use of information technology in ideological education u se can effectively spread ideas and strengthen teaching methods.

The reform has changed the current students’ acceptance of teaching content

form. For example, the establishment is specially established for students' ideological and political education

Website, using the combination of internal and external networks, make students more and better understand the development of today’s society, and the first things and deeds in today’s society to motivate students

In the process of ideological and political training touch, you can also organize discussions and postings among students through the website Express their opinions and guide students to develop good ideological and political qualities.


2.2 The application of information technology can promote the efficiency and
Quality improvement

In today’s era, in order to meet the needs of society, for the school’s teaching efficiency and teaching quality have given high Demand, so that we can promote students through the improvement of teaching efficiency.

Mastery of professional knowledge. And the development of teaching work there are many factors that affect the quality of teaching and the improvement of efficiency, such as the quality of teachers, teachers in teaching.

The traditional way of teaching is the teaching of teachers and the learning of students.

However, this method has obviously not been able to adapt to the development and needs of the times.

Requirement, change and innovation must be carried out. Teaching resources

Quality has an impact, mainly including the teaching materials and the matching materials. Students’ learning interest and enthusiasm are also very



3 Final Words

 In short, the current information age has arrived, and information technology. Technology has gradually been deepened, so we must adapt to the time Generation requirements, make full use of information technology to make it better Provide strength for the development and construction of our country.

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