Tips for a successful job interview


Here are 10 tips to make your job interviews successful:


Read the job posting carefully, which will generally tell you something about the employer's interests.

The knowledge you have about a prospective employer's business, its size, products, services, or a recent news event, always impress the interviewer and give you confidence.

Review articles about the company in newspapers and magazines.

Make a list of questions about the company and the position. In this way, you show your interest and initiative.

Try not to pose inquiries about advantages or pay during the main meeting.

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Prepare for the interview questions:


Practice the interview responses with your friends or relatives, but don't try to memorize them. Be prepared, as you will be the one speaking most of the time. The interviewer will want to see if you can express yourself effectively, and how informed you are about the company / industry.

If you have taken the time to think about how you could generate value, you will be able to answer the questions without problems, while coming up with relevant examples aimed at their specific needs.

Prepare your references:

Let your references know in advance that you are going to an interview. Tell them about the company and the position you are applying for.

Practice the presentation:


Make a good first impression. You should arrive a couple of minutes early, check your appearance, and be pleasant at the front desk.

Act correctly during the interview:

Knowing how to listen and being confident are key aspects for a successful interview It is also an opportunity for you to evaluate the company. Do you want to work there? Can you contribute, learn new skills, or get a chance to advance? Will doors open for you with this position?

Take care of your entrance:


A smile, a strong handshake, a confident, friendly and enthusiastic demeanor - all this can contribute positively to making a good first impression of you.


Corporal language:


Your body language can express more about your personality than you say. Get into an upright posture. Avoid all kinds of nervous movements with your hands or feet. Smile. Employers always prefer a cheerful and enthusiastic candidate over an apparently hostile or stressed person. However, try not to overdo it. Fake smiles and forced humor are also not recommended.

Take notes and listen carefully:


Take your time. Accurate and logical answers that cover relevant facts are more effective than answers that are too long.

 It's okay to ask for clarification. Answer what is asked.

How to end the interview:

Ask some of the questions that you prepared previously.

The last question could be the one about the probable date when they will make a decision.

Give thanks, re-express your interest in working with them, and leave the place. At an appropriate time, ask one of the interviewers for a business card.

Some final recommendations for a successful interview:


Dress formal.

·          Introduce yourself, don't sit tight for another person to venture out.

·         Show your energy and enthusiasm for the position.

·         Listen carefully to the interviewer.

·         Make eye contact

·         Answer the questions carefully and honestly.

·         When necessary, take your time to think about the answer.

·    Thank the questioner for setting aside the effort to talk with you, and leave the workplace with a     handshake and a grin.

·         See if you can call in a couple of days.

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